"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

Sylvie Luanghy

Hi! I am Sylvie,

A digital transformation consultant and the founder of a brand activation agency.


I reside in the DC metro area and I started teaching LinkedIn back in 2014, after experiencing great success on the platform.


After spending months researching and learning everything I could about LinkedIn, I developed an ACTIONABLE step-by-step game plan to increase my profile visibility and to generate qualified leads organically.


The results were incredible! I started gaining massive visibility and I was getting two to three leads on daily basis from recruiters. My profile went from not being seen to being seen by the right target audience.


Because of the incredible success I was getting, I now coach job seekers and entrepreneurs who want to reap the benefit of building a professional brand and attract their ideal target audience on the number one networking platform.  


WHAT I DO: Optimize LinkedIn profile and create experiences to connect brands to their target audience through event marketing and social media tactics.


How I Help


LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services 

LinkedIn coaching

  LinkedIn Profile Audit



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