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5 Tips to Help You Communicate Effectively on LinkedIn

5 Tips to Help You Communicate Effectively on LinkedIn

We can all agree that LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build a network of professional connections and posting content for others to see. But if you want your messages, comments and updates to stand out from the crowd, make sure you incorporate these tips.

Step 1-Be real, authentic and use a consistent voice

The way you communicate at a networking event is the same way you need to communicate on LinkedIn. Be real, be you and always remain professional.

Step 2-Customize your connection requests

If you want to invite people to connect on LinkedIn, send a personalized message as to why you would like to connect. Don’t use the default connection request, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” but instead tailor your message to each request. Letting the other person know why you would like to connect will greatly improve your chances of someone accepting the request.

Step 3- Respond to your connection requests and comments

Take the time to reply to connection requests, personal messages, or comments on group discussions you post. This will allow you to stay in touch with people, increase your profile visibility and land opportunities.  

Step 4- Do your research before reaching out

Before contacting someone that you do not know, you should review his/her LinkedIn profile and research the valuable information his/her has shared about themselves. See what you have in common or specific aspects of his/her experience to discuss. Make sure you spell his/her name correctly and acknowledge that you are familiar with his/her work or industry.


  • You can investigate current job and see what his/her is responsible for
  • Look prior work history to see if there is something that gives you a personal connection, such as personal referral you can contact.
  • Look current and past volunteer projects

Step 5 – Create value first

Share your expertise with your connections and comments on other people’s updates.

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