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How to Grow Your Personal LinkedIn Network

How to Quickly Grow Your Personal LinkedIn Network

Once your LinkedIn profile is set up and complete start growing your personal network. Growing your personal network will create countless new opportunities to promote your career, to find a job, to find business partners and to gain clients – among many other things.

1. Import your contacts to LinkedIn

To import you email contacts from your address book, follow these steps below

Click on “My Network”

Click “Connections”.

Click on “Contacts” then click the “Export contacts” on the left of your profile

After you click on “Export contacts” it will take you to a screen where you can scroll down and select “Sync contacts to connect with people you know directly from your address”.  Click change

The next screen is where you can sync your contacts by clicking on the “Sync’ button. It will sync all of your Gmail account and you will have the opportunity to select who you want to send an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn or you can select all.

Remember, the larger your network, the more powerful LinkedIn becomes in terms of helping you achieve your career or business goals.

2. Add contacts after attending a networking event

After collecting a stack of business cards from attending a networking event, don’t just put them away. Instead, connect with them on LinkedIn by sending a personalized invitation. Don’t use LinkedIn standard message “I’d like to add you to my network”. Whenever possible you should strive to personalize your connection messages.

Hi Michelle,

It was great meeting you yesterday at the Power for Women Conference and hearing about your success on building your personal branding agency. You provided so many wonderful tips on how we can all use LinkedIn to build our personal brand and generate constant leads. Would love for us to connect on LinkedIn. Thank you.

3. Add Your Website to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you have a website, a blog or an online resume, you have a great place to put a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile. You can display up to three links in your contact information profile.  When people click on the link, they are connected to your profile, and they read more information about you and how you can help them. This is another great way to get more people to connect with you. So make sure you include links to your profile on all online sites, including social media sites with a call to action saying “Connect with me on LinkedIn”. or “Let’s Connect on LinkedIn.”

Click the “Me” Icon on top of your homepage and click view profile

Click the “Contact Info” on your profile page.

A pop-window appears and click on the pencil icon to edit your information

In the pop-up windows you can add your website, blog or online resume. Click save when you are done.

4. Your Email Signature

Include your LinkedIn hyperlink in your email signature. It is the perfect place to ask for connection. You can write “Connect with me on LinkedIn” and include your hyperlink profile or you can also write “View my LinkedIn profile” link or button to your email signature

Tip 5- Digital Business Card

If you rather quickly connect with someone at an event use the LinkedIn QR code. Using LinkedIn digital business card allows you to connect on-the-spot with anyone you meet at a networking event. Just open the LinkedIn app and scan their QR code to connect and stay in touch.

You will need to download the LinkedIn app in order to use this feature.  

From your cell phone, tab on the square box (QR code icon) inside the search bar app.

Then select “My code” and hold your phone up and let the other person scan it and your profile will automatically pop in their app.

Are you making the most of your LinkedIn profile? Do you need help?

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