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When I was getting started in learning LinkedIn, I could not find a guide that provided actionable step-by-step on how to effectively optimize my LinkedIn profile.

I signed up for webinars and tried eBooks but was still left confused and overwhelmed on the best way to start optimizing my profile. My issue was that nothing felt like it was exactly suited for how I wanted to approach LinkedIn. There was a lot of good information to learn from, but nothing that gave me a step-by-step game plan to crush it on LinkedIn.

I just wanted a step by step guide that could help me find my way and share everything I learned and condensed it into a format that would make sense without wasting time on things that was not important.

That’s why I have created this coaching/ webinar program – in hopes of helping job seekers and entrepreneurs get on board with LinkedIn by using it correctly, effectively and without adding more time to your already busy schedule.

Marsada Z.

Management Consultant

I just happened to be viewing your LinkedIn profile and observed all of the great experiences you have acquired over the years. I especially wanted to thank you for linking me up with some hiring managers over the years, which actually resulted to me obtaining one of my consultant gigs. I truly admire your ability to continuously network, while connecting other professionals to those individuals. Keep up the good work.

Aleem A.

Business Analyst

“I am sure you've seen my job update. Just wanted to personally thank you for helping me secure this position. I've used some tips from your workshop to help me get noticed! Also wanted to thank you for getting me connected to people in your network while I was searching - I appreciate it greatly! Let me know if I can help you in anyway” 

The Coaching Program

You will learn the tricks and tips that I have successfully used to effectively attract recruiters/ clients to my personal LinkedIn profile and get interviews.


  • I will teach you proven strategies for building a profile that gets noticed.


  • I will take you step-by-step and show you exactly what you need to do to effectively rank higher in LinkedIn search results.


  • I will address best practice profile layouts and writing techniques, what sections to include and how to find your best keywords to grab the attention of recruiters/clients and much more!


Why Invest?


  • To Outrank the Competition


  • To Stop Chasing Recruiters, HR Professionals and Let Them Chase You


  • Access to the Hidden Job Market


  • To Promote Yourself More Effectively on #1 Networking Career Platform


  • To Open Yourself up to More Opportunities


  • To Learn How to Better Highlight Your Accomplishments


  • To Increase Your Professional Exposure and Impact Online


  • To Move Ahead of Over 450 Million Other Members in Getting Your Profile Found and Viewed


  • Because You Only Have Five to Ten Seconds to Impress a Potential Employer or Client  Online


How it Works:

The first part of the session consists of me teaching you my complete step-by-step game plan on how to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out and get notice. 


The second part ( one week later) we’ll meet for  30- minutes over Skype or phone call to evaluate your progress, answer any questions that you may have and to make sure you are staying on track.


By the end of the coaching program, you will know:


  • How to Measure & Track The Effectiveness of Your Job Search or Target Client On LinkedIn


  • Quickly Learned How To Use LinkedIn’s Keywords Search Tools And Hidden Strategies Even if You Have Never Used LinkedIn


  • Best Strategies For Ranking Higher To Be Found By Recruiters, Hiring Managers or Target Audience


  • How to Improve Your Profile Ranking To Attract More Recruiters/ Clients to View Your Profile


  • How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into-Job-Marketing Campaign or Client Marketing Campaign


  • Tools To Help You Find The Most Relevant Industry Keywords


  • .....and much more


PLUS: Customizable templates for creating your profile and list of resources to help you create the best online profile and standout


Who is this training for: Job-seekers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs and consultants who are seeking to open door faster in reaching clients, recruiters, hiring managers, locating hidden jobs, and building a list of referrals in no time.


Who is this NOT for:


  • People who like to complain and never get things done


  • People who like to make excuses!


  • People who start things but never finish.


Price: $397 

Select an option from the drop down menu below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me prior to making your purchase. Once you make your payment, I will contact you to schedule the coaching session

Linkedin Profile Transformation

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If you want to get the same results and let your profile do the work for you, then, click the sign up link today for my coaching webinar.

I look forward to having you at one of my coaching session


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